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I am too looking for a new space opera to fill in the void that Mass Effect left behind.

I am skeptical if Bethesda can fill that Mass Effect void mainly because of three key points.


1. Game Structure

Mass effect was more of a linear and scripted experience that placed main quest. If Starfeild is going to be an open world, then the that narrative structure that is more loose. This is not to say that a linear and scripted experience is superior to one that allows more open experience. It is to say that the open experience won't be the same as the ones typically found in a Mass Effects structure.


2. Detailed Protagonists

They way that Bethesda tends to write their protagonists is to give a very broad background and let the player create their own. I.E. their fetish with making all the elder scrolls protagonists prisoners. The character of Shepard is very much a detailed protagonist with their own background and military history to customize. This also went with the way Shepard behaved, for example you will never find Shepard being shy or submissive, Shepard is a space captain that is tough as nails. The responses as Shepard manage to be varied but also align with Shepherd's overall character. Bethesda tried to experiment with that type of detailed protagonist background with Fallout 4, and but the background of the character dictated that you are a loving parent, a grieving widow, and a good guy. I don't have a ton of confidence in them creating a detailed protagonist that won't heavily dictate the direction quests will take.


3. Engine Problems

If the rumors are true...That they will continue to use the creation engine, then I doubt that it will be a stable experience. The creation engine has a really rocky foundation. It needs to be brought to the back of the house and put down. This can also be said if they decide to switch to a different engine. Hell one of the reasons why Mass Effect Andromeda was such a dumpster fire was because the team was using the Frostbite engine mainly used to create shooters (mechanics like inventory had to be created by hand) as a posted to the versatile Unreal engine they used for the previous games. Bethesda has stated time again they like use the creation engine because they can easily create an open worlds. If they were to switch it is hard to say they will suffer the same fate.


Starfeild won't be a Mass Effect like game. I am curious about Starfeild, but not hyped.

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I think you can create a strong narrative in an open-world environment(Vampire TMB, Fallout NV) but whether Bethesda is good at that or not is another question.


Bethesda are ok at creating interesting lore but a thought provoking narrative with memorable characters is not what they are known for.


But I wouldn't be surprised if The Outer World manages to pull that off. The setting is much more crazy compared to Obsidian's last three games(PoE 1, 2 and Tyranny) and it gives them more freedom to experience and deliver a crazy narrative. The Outer Worlds looks average(gameplay wise), but the story and the characters is what I am really looking forward to.

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Their narrative definitely is something that can be improved on when it comes to Bethesda games. You only have to look at the evolution of the Fallout games to see that much of the themes that made it stand out have been set to the back burner. I think they got a bit better when it comes to some of the Companion characters of Fallout 4 but they still have a long way to go.


I do have more faith in obsidian based on the success of their games and how much I enjoy playing them. I am especially excited that the original creators of Fallout are in on this game. I am looking forward to seeing how The Outer Worlds pans out.

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I think they got a bit better when it comes to some of the Companion characters of Fallout 4 but they still have a long way to go.

They always have these tiny moments of briliance that are either short lived or are incomplete.


-the pitt dlc for Fallout 3 was great stuff


-the nuka world and far harbour dlc also had a few interesting choices here and there

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Everything will be trash.

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IT will be great.

b00bies confirmed!

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I'm cautiously optimistic about Starfield. The setup of the game based on what little has so far been revealed looks really interesting to me. I've never played any of the Mass Effect games and as such have no interest in Bethesda recreating an ME-like game. That they have said it will be a single player game from the ground up is very heartening. It also looks like it will be third person and not first person, again something critical for me. I'm fine with it being an open world ARPG.


On a sidenote, I have no interest in The Outer Worlds.

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I have lost all faith in Bethesda Game Studios. Their recent games are completely devoid of creativity and innovation. Ever since Morrowind, they have been dumbing down the RPG elements within their games. Plus they keep insisting on using a game engine that's from the Triassic period. They've also stated that Starfield is already in a playable state, which means they've already developed the game in that trash engine AND probably infused their dumbed-down RPG elements into the game. I don't think Bethesda can reform their creatively-devoid team in such a short time. Perhaps they'll make some changes during the Elder Scrolls 6 development but definitely not for Starfield. I'm happy however, since this'll finally give Obsidian the spotlight that they've deserved for a long time.

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Although I hated the Minecraft base-building bs, Fallout 4 is better than what people on this forum give it credit for...  Well the writing and story are certainly better than what Fallout 3 and New Vegas had to offer but the lack of more modern tpg features is what people hated. As a game, as a whole Fallout 4 was pretty well balanced. I like that it's getting more positive attention now.



As far as if Starfiled will deliver, I think it has potential, as Anthem has the possibility to better than Mass Effect, Starfield has the potential to be better than - what other space rpg is out there? Is there even a good one? Lol Ny favorite Star Wars games by now, everyone should know, are Kotor 1&2 which are great Star Wars games but merely average rpg's. So I'm not hyped for Starfield but since it doesn't have any competiton in terms of a sci-fi/space rpg, it definitely has the potential to become something special.




Who knows? I don't see a problem with being optimistic though.

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