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Enemies and companions cannot die



I'm having some issues, I just booted up my savefile for the first time since the last update, and in the next fight half the npcs are invincible and won't die when reaching 0 HP.


EDIT: It seems like it only happens in the Drowned Barrows.






Steam forums: https://steamcommunity.com/app/560130/discussions/2/1744480966992795208/

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I am having the same issue, enemies health bar suddenly disappearing and them becoming immortal. Same thing happened to Ishi and Eder, this is really gamebreaking since I can't continue in the drowned barrows when an enemy goes immortal

Really hope they'll address this soon since I cannot play the game at the moment

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Hey everyone!

Thank you for reporting this issue to us.  Would either of you be able to provide me with a save where this is occurring that I can sent tot he team for their investigation?  If it won't attach to the forums, would you be able to send it to me at support@obsidian.net instead?


Thanks for the help and sorry for the inconvenience this issue is causing.

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Here are my saves about the situation, however I didn't have a previous save where Ishi had normal health, but I did have one with Eder. Also I cannot post a save from it happening to enemies since you cannot save during combat  :(

I pasted the saves to a dropbox account, hopefully it will do :grin:


Pillars of Eternity 2 Saves

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Same's been happening to me, during the Nemnok fight.


Save file is here.


Here are the steps to recreate the bug:


1. Talk to Nemnok, agree to deliver the grimoires.

2. Walk over and take the quarterstaff from the middle chest, near Nemnok.

3. Everyone attacks, at some point the whole party is downed except Pallegina, who is at 0 HP yet still has her battle cries and the fight doesn't end no matter how much damage is done to her.


Weirdly, I had another save called "Nemnok Fight Bug", from right before the fight, after the talks are done, which I intended to submit. But now when I load that one, the fight works as intended. I'm still linking it, in case it turns out to be useful.


Also, here are some screenshots of the situations. The last one shows active effects on Pallegina, who is the only one fighting with no health in this instance (just recreated to test it).


The first two screenshots are older from when I first got the bug Eder and Xoti are alive with 0 HP in them too. Also, that "-2147483648" string pictured in the second screenshot is the same one OP is getting; I'm guessing it's related to this particular bug.


OP, try loading the save from before entering the barrows and going in with a different set of companions. Nemnok fight worked for me eventually, but I used a different approach (picking an [attack] option through dialogue).

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