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Karabörü: a weapon that does not appear on the wiki

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Hi guys, I just wanged to report that i found a two-handed sword that did not come out on the wiki. I put pictures of her location, i think you need a high perception to open the secret passage, at the time i discovered the button I was 21. I have no idea if this weapon was introduced now or always been in the game, but I've played the game several times and it´s the first time I've met her.


It's in the Ori o Koiki Sanctuary






It has a 10% critical damage bonus, and 33% chance to hit in area whith critical hits.


It has two improvements with two options


First: The damage in area sick the enemies or reduce enemies deflection


Second: up the critical damage bonus, 2% for death (20% max) or up the critical damage bonus, 5% for death ally (20% max)




P.S: Sorry for my bad English



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I keep looking on the Wiki's after DLC to see if any new scepters were added.  But when I notice obvious stuff missing, like Frostseeker, I wonder what else is missing. 


EDIT:  Frostseeker is on there, looks like i was looking in the wrong category, sorry.

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You people are aware that a wiki gets updated by contributions of players around the world who do this voluntarily and in their spare time? And not something that is automatically done by paid professionals as soon as new content is released?


By the way: Karaboru and Frostseeker on the wiki …

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To be fair: the editing process is rather complicated and obscure for beginners - because of the datatables that are used in this particular wiki - and also the formatting is a bit of a hindrance.


I personally like very simple wikis (see Dokuwiki) because for me it's about the info and easy access - not the looks. But I get why a game like PoE etc. might need a more fancy look than plain black text on white background. ;)

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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