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(Forgotten Sanctum) Can we, or can we not join the Circle of Archmagi ?

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But then I saw that killing Llengrath in PoE 1 was pretty common.  Is she good/trustworthy?

Llengrath in PoE1 was pretty much the toughest fight for in the game, added with WM part 2. Killing her was more out of desire for “completion” that necessity. If you want to know the conflict it’s:



She confronts you in PoE1 after you kill Cancelhaut and recover his skull. She believes that his immortality is dangerous nd should be discovered by others. Therefore she want to kill you and recover the phylactery - Cancelhaut’s skull with runes etched on it. You can convince her that you will not spread this secret and make a pact with her - probably a choice I would have done but I misunderstood that I will be giving up the artefact, which I wanted to keep for the save transfer.

She seemed straightforward and, overall, trustworthy even when she seeked watcher’s demise. She is an archmage though.



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I was kind of surprised to find the archmages all being buddies when the first game had them hiding out in swamps and trying to kill each other. But I kind of like it as a parallel to the gods all being buddies too, even inviting Woedica along for chats. In times of great danger the powerful will flock to each other

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Just a guess on my part, but I think Minoletta is probably the closest to that kind of archetype in the setting, but that’s only based on her limited characterization during the scripted interaction in Arkemyr’s basement and the role that Josh is using her in for his tabletop campaign. Equal odds though that she is a missile obsessed psychopath that prolongs her life by devouring the souls of cosmic piglets.

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