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Eulogy for the Dead encounter difficulty

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When i originally got this quest, i noticed that it displayed as 4 red skull difficulty in my quest log, so I didn't start it right away.  I have since gained a few levels and come back and noticed it is now displaying as zero skulls in my quest log, so i tried this quest out.


The first enemy was a single 4 red skull difficulty skeleton, and i thought it was weird that it was so high level, but since it was alone, it was manageable.  


The second fight, however is an entire room full of them and they literally just ignore anything I do, walk over to any of my party member, even the tanky guy and murder them nearly instantly.  This quest does not seem like it could possibly be appropriate difficulty for my current level.


Is the quest difficulty display bugged? Do i still need to come back later?  I'm worried this is the "intended" difficulty and even if i do come back later it will scale up to still be 4 red skulls difficulty, which seems ridiculous.


If it helps, i have scaling up turned on and i'm currently level 9 or 10. I forget the exact number.


I also noticed the equipment which dropped seems to imply this area may be intended to be higher level, but the quest display disagrees.


EDIT: removed an irrelevant detail about the equipment drops which might be considered spoilery.

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I didn't think the name of a quest or vague description of one encounter would be considered a spoiler, but if a mod prefers to move this to a more appropriate forum, I wouldn't object.


Although, I was hoping for an actual answer on whether this is a journal display bug or if it is intended to be this difficult.

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