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Tips for my smol, furry, psychic philosopher who is into self harm?

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I wanna play a orlan psion/bloodmage, I realize this isn't a particularly synergistic or powerbuidly idea but I'd still like to hear some tips wrt loadout or spell and ability selection if anyone's got some. I haven't played the game since before the first DLC came out so any handy new items would be appreciated. Also stat distribution, how much con would you suggest for a bloodmage?




- never not gonna have something to cast

- won't feel compelled to take vaprous wizardry which means I won't have to take the Casque which means I won't have to walk around with an injury ALTHOUGH that'd tie in with the self harm thing.

- orlan + wizard + cipher = many specific dialogue options which is nice

- has the self buffs from a wizard and some (meaning pain block) healing from the cipher

- probably really good CC if I was into that




- I dunno if blood sacrifice counts as taking damage but probably which'll interrupt focus buildup 

- loses out high tier spell slots, I'll miss the wizard's especially

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Blood Sacrifice will not interrupt your focus generation. Neither will Alacrity. Only damage that passes an attack resolution counts.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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