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Sigilmaster Auranic Solo Potd all upscaled lvl 19 kill

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I'm really interested to hear if anyone killed her on PotD upscaled solo yet?


Posting this I read another post on this topic and someone said Arcane Dampener disables a Sigil.

I did not know that, knowing it would have made my fight a lot quicker and 100% risk free. :D

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There's a Berath's Blessing that lets you start the game with one.

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How did you end up with 4 Mythic items though? I thought you can only get it from the Mega Bosses (Mythic Adra Stones). Belranga, Huani O Whe, Helfire Colossus & Auranic would make 4 but Auranic is apparently still alive in the video.

You can get another one from Berath's blessings, however in my case I had many more because before 4.0 it was possible to kill Belranga multiple times. The important ones are the armor and the main weapon (and for this fight neither one is really required).

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I’ve also managed this fight with a Holy Slayer (Goldpact/Streetfighter).


I agree that this is the easiest of the four megaboss fights. It’s the only one I’ve managed to solo with a Holy Slayer without using the “gouging strike and then hide” tactic.

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