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It's still random for both Gorecci and the second floor of the Wild Mare- So it's not a sure-fire thing.


In fact, on loading those particular areas there's a 33% chance of getting Bloatbelly Eel, 33% chance of getting Herfwarts, or 33% of getting Delver's Stew.  Which are the three items in the loot list I specified earlier. 

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My understanding from earlier posts is that It wasn't always the case.


But I can confirm- I got delver's stew last night in the Wild Mare.


Maybe you were lucky- 33% is pretty good odds for getting the item.



If you wanna look up the code for yourself, open up the items.gamedatabundle (Where lootlists for containers, items themselves, recipes, etc are located) in a text editor and look up the Bloatbelly Eel GUID (It's c01c13ec-655f-498a-a01a-63750a2c3506)


Search with that GUID, and it only shows up in the loot list mentioned above, the entry for the Bloatbelly Eel item itself, and the recipe for the upgrade to Pukestabber.


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