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Minor Aloth Approval bugs





here are a couple of small bugs with (anti-Leaden-Key) Aloth's approval system:


1. Talking to Rabyuna with Aloth and Tekehu in the party, Aloth disapproves of a Tekehu's prideful response, but the Watcher gets negative approval.




2. Asking Tekehu "What do you hope to gain by finding Ngati's covenant on Ukaizo?" has him give a pro-autonomy response, so Aloth approves... every time. It's not just cosmetic, it actually raises the total score.


3. Also, there's no quotes for any of his reactions to Autonomy.




Here's a save game file from The Wild Mare where these conversations haven't been initiated yet, so you can reproduce the bugs easily. Dxdiag and output log are attached below.



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Hello Vendigroth!


Thank you for reporting these Aloth conversation issues.  I've put a report together with all the excellent information you provided for the team to investigate these.  If you happen to notice anything else about these issues with Aloth, please continue to post about them here as I have linked this thread to the report so the team can reference it during their investigation.


Thanks again Vendigroth, and sorry for the inconvenience these conversations are causing.

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