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Hey y'all,


Came back to PoE2 to try out all the new DLC and sub-classes. I've decided to play a Tactician/Rogue, and need to set up my party to work around him. I'm hoping someone could list any items that provide flanking immunity, as I want to get Pallegina set up with this ASAP to be the heavy main-tank. Preferably also recommend the easiest to obtain item. I'd also be curious about any particular buffs or consumables that may help with this.





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I don't know if they changed this in the base game at all but I did run into bosses in FS that were immune to flanked and interrupt.  Also remember that perception resistance/immunity is a factor and that can throw a wrench in things (especially when it's not explicitly stated).


There aren't really any consumables that have a high enough acc to hit on PoTD.  I recommend using Helm of the White Void on anyone who is going to mass apply perception afflictions as the +10 Acc is significant.  Global Accuracy bonuses from classes such as Assassin help a lot.


Just something worth noting.  

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