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in previous builds, multiple types o' sigils were seeming impervious to piercing damage.  however, we ain't yet come across a sigil which shrugs off fire damage.  pallegina with an arquebus were impotent. pallegina with an arquebus using FoD would destroy sigils quick.  


in the most recent build we have come across many sigils, but am current playing our eothasian contemplative with access to sunbeam.  the extreme range and fire damage type for sunbeam makes it an ideal spell for reducing sigils to smoldering rubble.  can say with certainty 4.0 sigils (at least most) is not impervious to fire damage.  


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I have two ways of destroying sigils, Alotha casting fireballs or my PC using the Essence Interrupter bow.


Take my advice. Don't let Aloth cast fireballs. As things stand now, they're reflecting right back on him. Don't know if that's the particular sigil I tried it on or if this is their general behavior after the last patch.

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in previous builds, multiple types o' sigils were seeming impervious to piercing damage.  



In previous builds Eder the rabble-rouser could kill (Old City) sigils with a war bow (piercing damage?).


Currently I have to use Aloth with his scepter and crushing damage, and it takes forever due to increased armour rating.


(In previous post I stated they had increased pen. I meant armour)

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