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[Forgotten Sanctum] question about one room

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Hi, just a quick question about one room in the Forgotten Sanctum:




Upper Bowels -> Memory Siphon.

Is there a riddle to be solved here ? Standing in the circular areas only gives my party members wounds, however I can't find an object that I could interact with.




I'm just curious, whether someone already figured out a way :)

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The Godseed, it's a quest you get from either Tayn or Llengrath if you resolve both the "free or kill the prisoners" and the "original Llengrath" quests in one's favour. There are two parts of the Godseed in the bowel and one in the final boss room, I don't know if they spawn without getting that quest

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Ahhh - that must be it, my free or kill prisoners quest seems to be bugged out, or i'm not far enough into the sanctum yet, I am not yet able to turn that into either of them.


Thanks for the clarification!





The more I play the more I come into conclusion that the main game favors choice and the DLCs really, really assume that You trace-back after each area and hand in quests, otherwise bad/unexpected stuff happens. The game is cool, however it shows that these mini-"expansions" are all done by a smaller and less experienced teams.


Also, note that "The Godseed" quest seems to be slightly broken:



Once You confront the Oracle and talk to Llen upon coming back she walks away for some people and it's impossible to hand in the quest to her, You can only finish it by talking to Thayn... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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