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A simple, quick question: is there some kind of dialogue-heavy deceptive or diplomatic way to resolve slavers dilemma or am I supposed to enter their fort pistols blazing and kill everyone without subtlety?

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I heared that there will be no major repercussions for me if I just don't resolve the dispute either way and leave these factions quests unfinished at that point, right?

That seems to be the most favorable solution to me atm, since I generally lean towards Furrante, but don't want to destroy the Wahiki tribe, especially after I learned their "hidden purpose".

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Furrante will roll his eyes, but it won't break his questline if you slaughter the slavers, burn their corpses, and take a **** down every one of their necks.

[ The Vault ] [ The Wasteland Wiki ] [ Pillars of Eternity Wiki ] [ Tyranny Wiki ]


My, that's a whole lot of wikis!

Why, thank you, I love them.

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Okay, but Onekaza won't immediatly declare war on me if I fail her quest either, so there's that...

I think I want to stay out of this as best as I can, granted none of you will tell me that that'd mean both factions would be destroyed as a consequence or something like that, or that I would miss out something terribly important because of not completing any of those quests.

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