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Gruesomely kill your pets :)

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Achievements seem to indicate it creates new pets.



A Frankenslicer?

That's just wrong on ever so many levels. I mean, Dragon Age is a great franchise and all, but the Harvester should never be replicated. I'd hate to witness a Harvester with floppy ****erspaniel ears. Someone, stop the devs!

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Nerf Troubadour!

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@Wormerine - where did they hide the horrendous fur grinder? 

It's in Dark Cupboard. I received an official letter about it, even during beta. Now when the whole thing is out I am sure you can find it by yourself.


For anyone interested when you sacrifice the pet to it it will remember its apperance and its buff. Then you can create a pet by choosing the look, the bonus and name it. Therefore you can have your favourity pet, with your favourite buff and give it your favourite name!

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So, this was another disappointment. I thought I would be granted the ability to mix and match pet bonuses but it's just cosmetic, so much for that optimism...

All your complaints make it sound as if you really want to play another game.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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