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Any chance that we will get new Godlike player character options?

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From what I understand, each godlike option requires a lot of work from the team's art pipeline.  Given that it has been stated that the Forgotten Sanctum is the last paid DLC for Deadfire, I assume that the paid DLC team has largely moved on to other projects at this point as the Forgotten Sanctum comes out this week.  So, no, it does not seem very likely.  On the other hand, if Obsidian remains happy with the work they did with Deadfire, a prospective sequel that reused the art assets from Deadfire might mean that there could be more godlike options in that project.  But that's just guesswork at this point.  

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I’d love a Woedican godlike but I doubt that’s ever gonna happen. Also does Rekke’s god have godlikes? If so... ;)

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