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[Kickstarter] Board game - Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon ($2,7MLN thus far)

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Hey all!


I thought it would be great to share with you the news of there being awesome kickstarter for an awesome board game. Just FYI I am not in any way affiliated with them, but they are from my home city, and the game looked so awesome I actually went with the Excalibur pledge too :)




@Obsidian - you folks also enjoy board/cards games a great deal as well, so who knows, you might even like this one :)


I am actually curious to see what people on these forums think about it too.


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Im watching this. It looks right up my bracket. I dunno about spending that much lolly on myself this time of year tho


I would say that given the content you get+ another campaign etc. with the stretch goals, it will be selling for more than what you would pledge :)

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The uk, where i am, is a relatively poor market for them, but not dead by a long shot. mainland europe seems constantly to be producing great stuff. Like im on phone so its tricky to check, but i think game mentioned above is polish?


My cousin runs a boardgame shop, and peeps are usually hanging out there playing something or other. warhammer remains a fixture around these parts, as do things like x-wing. Collectable card game tournaments are always happening. MTG being the daddy but also yu-gi-oh, pokemans etc.


My tastes tend more towards co-op and emergent story-telling. i come from d&d after all.


If conversation in the shop is any indication, theres been a minor resurgence due to the social aspect.


While boardgame fanatics can be as ornery as the next owl, is still fundamentally communal hobby and not something u can do on the regular if ye prone to alienating folk. U can play online without developing personal skills. With boardgames - many groups take all sorts - but u wont last long with anyone if u outright disruptive. Think there is notion among enthusiasts of trying to preserve 'old' skills? And generation of parents eager not to lose kids to death spiral of internet.


Vaguely related - one of my best mates is a full-time chess coach. Theres enough demand for his services that he has to turn down work. He never stops. There are so many thriving eco-systems that fly under our clogged radars.


(I cant play chess btw. Dont have the brains or temperament for it. lol)

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