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So i'm playing a cleric and i'm looking for a good flail weapon. I found a few like Ball and Chain or Sun and Moon but i'm a bit confused on the effects.

For instance Ball and Chain says -2% Action Speed. Does that mean that it Reduces my action speed IE making me slower? Or does it speed up my action speed making me faster?

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Just to be sure - are you playing a Priest or a Cleric (Fighter/Priest)?

Ball and Chain puts a stacking 2% Action Speed debuff on the target. It makes the target slower with every hit (up to -20%).


Edit: dammit MaxQuest!





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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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This post is a fantastic example of how obtuse PoE mechanics are to understand.


Most of Deadfire mechanics are actually quite clear - you just have to read them like a lawyer, paying very close attention to wording, and then you generally won't be surprised.


Inversions are probably the main obtuse aspect of PoE.

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Hm... I find the descriptions better than in PoE - but still very woolly most of the time (no numbers given etc.) - and sometimes they are just wrong.


Yeah, I guess I should've said "when it's correct Deadfire is pretty clear." Most stuff is pretty clear, in part because it's auto-generated. Then you have funky stuff with keywording or unclearly auto-generated tooltips (like the withering strike ugprade that does more damage over time).

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