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I love games like The Outer Worlds <3 Sci-fi RPGs, and having player choices and consequences for our actions with a dash of dark humor.
What makes a game like this even better is being able to customize our character a bit both in how they look, male or female, hight and weight, sexy or ugly ETC,
and of course, "skill/perk choices which I'm sure will be in the game"

any word on character customization?
What would everyone else like to see in character customization?

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It would be a shame if there was no visual customisation, but I recall them saying that you would see your character in the inventory screen and when idling for too long.


I doubt it would be extensive like Fallout 4's character creation system (the one thing that game got right, I spent my entire first hour in there...) with the insane level of face morphing and body type controls. I imagine it will be the standard affair. One body type (average build) and a selection of preset faces, hairstyles, skin and hair colours and that's your lot.

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