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I don't like shooters ... Any kind of "time warp meter" still leaves me with this nervous feeling that it will soon deplete. Action is still going on, bullets are flying, you are still at risk. Active pauses are comforting. You know you can take your time.



Going to guess you are a more mature gamer?  That's OK, so am I compared to vast majority of twitch players who were born with controllers in their hands.


That said, if you are looking for a "comforting" experience, most games with combat elements are not meant to be so, and shouldn't be so (hint: don't play Dark Souls...) because adrenaline is part and parcel with the experience. 


Think about expanding your comfort zone to include something like bullet time in TOW, and I bet in time you will do well using that 'tool' and feel like you have accomplished much as a gamer.  I'm trying to appeal to your sense of adventure, you need to challenge yourself rather than resort to a crutch.  Sincerely trying to be positive, and hope to open a dialogue.

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There was a power in Mass Effect 2 which basically slowed down time for a few seconds. I quite liked using that.

For the sniper rifle? Or at least that is how I remember using it. That is what people are calling bullet time, I think. That was a life saver as I couldn't aim with the FPS molasses I got in that game. Even better IMO in ME1 you could pause and aim, letting the accuracy of your character determine the hit. The game wasn't designed for that though, so it was a bit OP, and I can't remember if you could zoom in while paused or not.


So, glad that this game at least offers bullet time or whatever. I think what would be better though is bullet time with automatic targeting. And character stats determining the chance to hit or get a crit. But most people want a shot aimed at the head to hit no matter what realism be damned, so...

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