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How do you bust the sigils in two hits?

Not two hits, two bursts. 1 burst = unloading all spells I have within those 10s or so when the shield is down.

1 delayed fireball (precast when i see which sigil shield will be lowered)

2 Ninagauth's freezing pillar
2 Ninagauth's Shadowflame

1 fireball

- these spells i can usually get through before the shield goes back up. They do enough damage to nearly kill the sigil. After than i run back to the entrance, regen my spells via brilliant, rebuff and run back in and repeat.

with sun and moon + 2 frost PL, 2 PL from potion of ascention, +1PL from blood sacrifice, +1PL from reducing the spell aoe. And not like those sigils have high defenses. I tried using ray spells and combusting wounds as well, but the ramp up of damage is simply too slow and also i used to get raped by the reflected damage after the shield went back up.

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I have a question regarding the ooze megaboss. Is it possible to kill Hauani O Whe without splitting the oozes apart? What exactly causes them to merge again to one? Can anyone give detailed information about this mechanic?


Thank you


See this thread.  Supposedly Disintegration will flat out destroy the boss without causing him to split, leading me to conclude that potentially any ability that "destroys" the target like Death Ring will do the same.  No idea if it's still like this or not.

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