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The Hero of Deathtrap Dungeon

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Anyone else have an eye on this? Like im alreay sold because i have a gamebook t'ing. the aesthetic and use of the original artwork is totes up my bracket.


dunno how much appeal it would have beyond folk like me but id thought id run it up a flag and see who salutes.


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I grew up on FF. i could prattle on about them forever. not sure what my favourite would be off-hand. that would take some digging.


off-hand, i like stephen hand's work (Moonrunner, Legend of the Shadow Warriors, Dead of Night) paul mason's (Slaves of the Abyss, Black Vein Prophecy in particular). carl sargent could compose one hell of a straight-up sword and sorcery campaign. dont think he dropped the ball once.


i could go on about this subject for so, so long. i havent just got FF books knocking around, ive got Lone Wolf, a lot of random series that Mark Smith, Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson wrote. Ive got a lot of J.H. Brennan's stuff


I also adapted Jonathan Green's 'Howl of the Werewolf' as a campaign for my friends and wasted some of my best writing doing that. lol.


oh god, im starting to prattle already. this subject is near and dear to my heart.

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Keep talking. I'm liking you a lot already…


EDIT: I enjoy Steve Jackson's FF books a lot, especially House of Hell, since I never did make it through that cultist manor alive.

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lol ok. i dont want to get too carried away, but ill post this. if u know ur gamebook stuff, u might appreciate it. if its not clear, its a hardback omnibus of the first two Lone Wolf books.



also, Steve Jackson was a sadistic devil, wasnt he? i respected his determination to push the form at least. like 'creature of havoc' was borderline unplayable, but deffo an achievement of some stripe. i never survived 'house of hell' either. did manage to stumble through 'appointment with fear' somehow.

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