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money lost once reload and damage type issue vs soul collectors



hey guys, I just wanted some help in 2 problems that I'm experiencing.


I'm afraid that I cannot explain them very well using words but I'm going to use 2 videos that I have created on this matter.


sorry for my English level. it is not good at all but you'll be able to understand what I meant.



I am including links of a youtube channel that I have created just to put these 2 errors, you'll find no other videos in the channel so please, don't think that I'm pointing you in that direction because of some sort of profit, it is just that I don't know other way of placing videos here.


this video is for the money loss:



and this video shows the damage type issue:



I hope that someone can help me!!



P.D.  my install version is GOG v3.1.1.0024.

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