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Justin Bell resigned?

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@XboxP3, if you ARE doing a deal with Obsidian Ent., I’d really, really look at Pillars of Eternity sales figures (which Fig has indirectly revealed this month, and tried to be cagey about it). Good devs there, terrible management – Hire the devs, fire the chaff at the top.



Ahh, I see this was already posted. lmao. Even if upper management is insular, they are the shareholders. Selling would be their out, I don't think MS would need to clean that part of the house.





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The gaming industry is obviously a bit more "tightly knit" and Avellone was an owner so it's more serious but just thinking about spending time posting in forum threads and doing twitter messages about a workplace I left years ago is just extremely depressing to me. The whole "exgirlfriend" analogy is a bit tired but there's a point to it as well. It's just soulcrushing to see someone using their energy on that instead of blossoming now that they're free of the bad relationship.


Come on Avellone, give us cool stories and characters to talk about instead, you're going to be remembered as a gossiping dude who can't let things go. Make your own success and show up the people you want to show up.

Pretty clear example of being stuck in a loop concerning the past, which could be solved by self reflection, learning a lesson and becoming more secure, instead of the negative route of blaming others and being insecure of it happening again in the future. 



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Good thing I read (almost) the entire thread. I was about to write a "farewell to..." response.


ChrisA - I can still admire his skills I suppose but at the moment I can't admire the person...yes everyone likes/needs to let off some steam now and then but ranting on a public forum about a previous employer in the fashion he's been doing it in is not in my wheelhouse. Well thought out/written criticism sure, but ... yeah. Maybe he'll eventually be able to get out of the (seemingly) destructive loop he seems to be in. I hope he does - for his own peace of mind.

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