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Edér was a Fighter on PoE, but before that, for a time he was a Rogue, in addition to that he could easily be a low level Eothas Priest, and his love for animals make it easy to view him with a pet as a Ranger, due to the flexibility of the Barbarian description, everyone could be a little Barbarian

Pallegina is definitely a Paladin, may have some of other martial classes, and its not hard to make the connection with Chanter



Aloth: Wizard++/Rogue-(Leaden Key)

Edér: Fighter+/Rogue+/Priest-/Ranger--(just a pet)

Pallegina: Paladin++/Fighter-/Chanter--(a few chants related to her ideas or birbs)

Konstanten: Chanter+/Barbarian/Druid-(Boar spiritshift because Survivor)



What do you think the companions would have from outside their classes based on anything the game mentioned or just a weird personal connection?


Specially interested in Maia, Fassina, Vatnir and Rekke

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 Eder being a ranger would be very precious, but I kind of want to see druid Eder abusing spiritshift to approach cuddly animals.


 Vatnir is a bit difficult - since he's an endings godlike, that means it's unlikely for him to pick up a class based on physical damage. Maybe Cipher to help him sell the high priest schtick - someone like Grieving Mother who has been using the power intuitively to support their daily life.


 I wonder if Maia could work as a ranger/fighter combo, to emphasize her soldierly nature. Perhaps a Devoted with rifle as a chosen weapon, to fit the sniper concept.

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