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Hello all! I recently found this helm and am stuck deciding how to enchant it.  My gear gets swapped around a lot between party members as this is my first play through. Seeing as I don't really know who will be wearing this helm, I'm unsure how to enchant it.  There is a good chance it will be worn on one of my two squishy ranged dps, basically purely for the +3 might.  I don't think I've seen another + might helm so far.


a.) am i super dumb for thinking of putting Garodh's Chorus on a super squishy ranged dps (when it kind of seems like its meant for a bruiser front liner)


b.) if i do put it on someone not planning to get hit a lot, which enchant is less wasted?


Thanks in advance!

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No you are not dumb for putting on ranged character. Might increase damage for any type of attack so its fine.


Strictly from mechanics if you are putting ranged then the "Preservation: +50 Defense while Stunned, +50 Defense while Prone" enchantment would be better. There is a +4 might helm out there and there is a helm that gives you +3 might on kill and others that gives you +2 might. Check the wiki if you want to see what is out there.

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