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Important Visitors to Caed Nua

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Hello Everyone / Anyone


I am receiving notification of Important Visitors to Caed Nua; however, on occasion they do not appear in the Keep


(1) Can anyone tell be where to look ~ for example, do they appear anywhere els at Caed Hua ?


(2) Or, is being able to see Important Visitors (at Caed Hua), yet another necessity for a high Mechanics rated with a member of the Party ?


Thanks everyone, Pillars of Eternity is a great game and the On-line Community is a great game


Bye for now






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Hi, as far as I remember, some visitors can be recruited to your garrison, if you have built Barracks in your keep (they are recruited through the same menu as regular staff). Some visitors are unique and are waiting in the Big Hall for you to resolve their problem.

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Thank you Xsanf, I am grateful for your kind response 


On occasion I get notifications of the arrival of so-called Important Visitors at the stronghold Caed Nua


Sometimes they are found in the Keep's great hall; however, once in a while there is no one there


I've looked in other buildings ~ such as the Lodge


However, I will also try the Barracks as you suggest


Thanks again ~ and I hope that all is well with you

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Sorry, I wasn't clear enough: these visitors are recruited through the keep management window, where you usually recruit staff to raise prestige or defenses of your keep. And they are available for recruitment for a limited amount of time, after that they leave the keep.

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They'll come the first time and ask you for your opinion on something, then they'll come back and passively boost your stats but won't actually be anywhere. It's been a long time since the game launched now, but if I remember right the original version of the game had them standing around the main hall with a line or two (eg the thief asked where my vault was) but I think they took that out when they added the dilemmas

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