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How do you figure out which faction is your strongest rival?

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Good question. I believe that your rival is the faction that you have the highest net positive reputation with that you did not side with. The game appears to consider your negative reputation with each faction when it makes this calculation, as I was able to change my “rival” to the RDC from the Principi just by killing some Principi.


However, I am sure the calculation is a bit more complicated than what I described above, as I do not know how a tie would be broken between multiple factions.

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The game has a hidden score system for grading which faction is the strongest. Certain quests will raise or lower the strength rating of certain factions depending on the context, these are usually related to the faction questlines. The game also tracks how many NPCs you kill and which faction they belong to. Each time you do this, you lower the strength rating of the corresponding faction with named NPCs being worth more points than unnamed NPCs and elite unnamed NPCs being worth more than trash mob NPCs. This includes bounty quests. Also, keep in mind that I don't know the full list of actions that change a faction's strength score and there could also be other factors in play that I'm not aware of.


If there is a specific faction you want to fight at the end, do their quests all the way up until the cut off point (which varies for each questline) before sailing to Ukaizo with the faction you want to side with. Also be absolutely sure that you DO NOT get into any unnecessary confrontations with members of the faction you want to face. Try and talk your way out of fights and don't attack the ships of your target faction, not even for bounty quests. The system is a bit backwards in that attacking the faction you don't like throughout the game will make them less likely to be your rival in the end. The logic being that they therefore have less manpower and resources to spend on the massive push to try and claim Ukaizo, but still.


If all else fails, you can edit a faction's strength rating with console commands by changing the global variables (n_Faction_Strength_RDC  n_Faction_Strength_VTC  n_Faction_Strength_Huana  or  n_Faction_Strength_Principi)  but be warned that activating console commands WILL DISABLE ACHIEVEMENTS FROM THAT POINT ONWARDS IN YOUR PLAYTHROUGH.

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