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What difficulty? In my opinion her subclass suxs. That make monk not that great for me. My next playthru in think it's best she is a pure priest.

I play her as a priest on classic difficulty. I'm playing her ranged, since she's rather squishy, even when equipped with high tier gear and a lot of athletics.

My problem with her pure Priest is her high level spells suuckkkk. I like her as a multi.

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I tried Xoti again with melee. She goes down within seconds. I think, I keep her ranged.


Btw, how do you get evil Xoti.



Whenever you get the choice in conversations about the cycle of life and death with her, go for winter, dark, death, endings and reaping. Avoid telling her about rebirth and springtime after winter. Basically, go emo and reaping, avoid any reference to The Lion King, sowing seeds and the cycle of life.

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Nerf Troubadour!

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