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I like those challenges, but the Magran's one, once combat starts it becomes a giant mess. I was hoping that the camera slow mo would still work, so I have time to re-position or use consumables. Pray the gods you do not retreat to the edge of a map or you are gone, you cannot see anything or do anything as the UI is in the way. Ship combat is something I fear, no mater my team positioning I end up every time eating all those arquebuse shots in the face. And then my save is deleted...


Is there a possibility to have a shortcuts for consumables? I do not trust my AI to do the right thing when I need that potion of final stand... 



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Hey Lampros,


Have you been having saves deleted on you recently?  Those issues are supposed to be fixed at this point so I was curious if we had another issue on our hands since we haven't heard about them recently.



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