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[3.0.1] A Bigger Fish - is the invisible Rautai Royal Weathermage a bug?



So ... A Bigger Fish I am fighting to clean out the Raitai sailors - Shrimp and his crew - but annoying there is an invisible Royal Weathermage in the corner - he/she will take AOE damage but is non-targetable.  Just wondering if feature or bug.  I can send a save if necessary.


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That has been there since release I think -- I've always thought it was intentional and that she may be a spirit following Shrimp (who seems to have proto-watcher powers).  Not sure if the fact you can't directly target her is intentional or not, but that's always been true for me as well.


You get some other clues in different dialog choices:




Shrimp can see/sense Iselmyr.

If you use the "there is a ghost" route you actually think you feel one pass you at the end.



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Hey everyone,


From my understanding, there is a bug here.  I put a report together for it from a previous post and it is on Area Design and Programming for a fix.  After reading some other forum posts about this, it sounds like a Fog of War issue, and I've read that you can move away from the NPC to kite them out and then see them to kill them.


Thank you for posting bugs and sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused during your playthroughs.

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