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I am looking for a Herald build for Pallegina thats not micro heavy.


I like the look of the Paladin/Chanter multi class but not sure how to build her.


Thanks fore any help.

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There's one in the build list thread.

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I guess you mean NOT micro heavy?


Anyway, if you want her to contribute to party's dps then use Magran's Favor and Sun & Moon with FoD, use Mith Fyr chant and Shared Flames as FoD upgrade. This will give your whole party a big burning lash which is great. Magran's Favor and Sun & Moon will pump your burn Power Level by +4 which is great with FoD damage.


I personally like the passive healing route better where you build her tanky with weapon & shield and simpley use Ancient Memory + Exalted Endurance to heal the whole party passively while you can heal single targets with Lay on Hands etc.

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Yeah, my favorite Pallegina build is also the tanky healer with summons. Start the fight with twin Ogres, then go to the frontline being an exceptional meatshield, aoe healing and buffing people. Ogres, Exalted Endurance, Ancient Memory, Lay on Hands and Shared Flames is about all she does lol.


I just don't know if I should go Sasha's sabre and Lethandria's Devotion (free empower per encounter and attack speed for your allies - though a pure Chanter would use this better, and a yet another healing aura from the shield) or ...some random weapon (probably the singing sabre again) and Cadhu Scalth for even more immortality.

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I like skellies. They swarm enemies, my wizard fires his nukes in the middle of their/enemy pac. When they are destroyed, more appears. Last but not least, my main char likes to finish them off himself with Grave Calling sabre, which causes deadly, paralyzing, party friendly Chillfogs, which even generate Focus for him.

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