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Why on earth doesn't the game pause on manual resolve of keep attacks?

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No, you are not the first one. It should auto-pause. It does not. That never got fixed unfortunately. It's not game-breaking though since you can hit pause manually I've you realize the game won't do it when starting stronghold fights. It's just inconvenient and annoying.


Luckily the game has some nifty options in the game menu that can be used to tailor auto-pause to your needs.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Go Stealth with all but the tank(s) before clicking on the button.


Check the group formation, it resets to the standard formation, so you have to switch the casters with the heavy melee eventually.

( my Fighter and my Paladin are in the first 2 positions, so they are on the left side where the party members are shown on the HUD, where you can drag and drop and switch them.)


My party members on the HUD left lower corner:


Paladin(MC)   Fighter   Barbarian   Rogue   Priest   Wizard


My custom formation:                                       



                   Paladin Wizard  Barbarian

                   Priest                Rogue


Formation in manual resolve battle (resetted, standard)


                   Fighter          Paladin

                   Priest            Barbarian

                   Wizard          Rogue


Turn down time to slow before clicking the button.


Those steps helped me.

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