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[Question/Possible Bug] Deadeye / Potion of Deftness



I'm testing with my character. I apply Deadeye and Potion of Deftness. Eder has no alchemy skill. But description stated Deadeye should get +5 ACC and same with Potion of Deftness.


I attack random NPC and i check the attack rolls, no accuracy added from deadeye nor potion of deftness. Anyone can confirm this? I check the accuracy from my main and off-hand both doesn't have deadeye nor potion of deftness added.

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Pay attention to the stacking rules as explained in the mechanics. If you have active/modal abilities (consumables fall into this category as well) that increase certain attributes, only the best upgrade is taken into consideration. For sure you shouldn't see +5 accuracy from both potions but at most from one. It could be from none if you have a third active/modal ability that also gives you at least +5 accuracy (like paladin zealous focus).

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