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The Cyclopedia entries for most Injuries are either wrong or misleading



So this is something that I've known about for a while (and corrected in my own mod) but I thought I'd report it here all the same in the hopes that it either gets fixed or we get some clarification on what penalties various injuries actually apply.
The injuries in question are: Bruised Ribs, Concussion, Sprained Wrist, Swollen Eye, and Twisted Ankle.


These entries can be found in cyclopedia.stringtable and their ID's are: 126, 128, 130, 132, and 134.
Example #1 - Bruised Ribs:


The cyclopedia entry for Bruised Ribs states:

Characters with Bruised Ribs suffer a penalty to their Constitution.

But after looking in the game files (AFF_BruisedRibs in statuseffects.gamedatabundle) a more accurate description would be:

Characters with Bruised Ribs suffer a penalty to their Fortitude defense.

...as the character receive no penalty to Constitution by getting the Bruised Ribs affliction, but rather, a penalty to their Fortitude defense is applied instead.




In order to keep this post fairly short I'll just conclude by saying that the example above holds true for the rest of the listed injuries. None of them apply the effect described in their cyclopedia entries.


So my question is this: is the cyclopedia entry wrong or am I missing something in the game files? If so, maybe you should consider re-wording the cyclopedia entries for the mentioned injuries lest you run the risk of (unnecessarily) confusing players whom might try and figure out what penalty they can expect from which injury.

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