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Barbaric Retaliation - Full Attack



Back in patch 2.1 full-attack type of martial abilities have been scaled down when dual-wielding (each weapon attack has a -35% dmg modifier). I've noticed that this does not apply to the full attacks triggered by Barbaric Retaliation. Most likely this happens because of the nature of the ability: it's not the player that activates the ability but it gets triggered automatically. Somehow the piece of code that was implemented for the nerf did not take into account this possibility. I did not notice any problems with the full attack abilities activated directly by the player.


Correctly scaled down full-attack ability when activated by player:




Non-scaled down full attack from Barbaric Retaliation:



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Hey everyone!


Thank you for letting us know!  I'll put a report together and ship it off to the Systems Design and Programming teams to investigate this.  If you discover anything else about these balance issues, please continue to post them here as I will be linking this post to the bug report as a reference.


Thanks again for all the help!

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