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A small early "review" of Deadfire after finally getting into the game

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Reffering to the Original Post:


1) I agree fully! Well… almost… ;) I rather like changes to enchanting. However devs could left „quality” upgrades also for non-unique equipment – especially, that there is no equal distribution of unique equipment of different types. For example, there is pletora of swords, but only two maces, for example. Also finding ready, upper-quality (but non-unique) weapon or armor of some types seems to be somewhat harder. For example, I had hard time finding above exceptional arquebus (with aside of a trigger, by all means looks more like a flintlock musket ;P )


With my second playthrought, I’ve just started (and I’me near the end by now) to appreciate some aspects of new combat system. But while I can say I started to like it, I still preffer the old one.



3) Even if I like them, I was never good at games in with there is so many skills/spells/abilties aviable to single character. I easily get confused, and I’m preety sure that I don’t use my party members to their best. Still, my first playthrough, at „veteran”, with scaling turned off, was also quite easy. However, for me (in current, second playthrough) it was enough to turn on up-scaling to make things challenging. However, I’m rather role-player, and I don’t really like „power-gaming”, hence my heros might a little bit under-powered instead.



4) Agree! I’ll risk to say, that main story is the most badly written from them all. Many side-quests, or even faction-quest-lines are written way better.


5) I have problems with saving. I had this at the begining of the game. I don’t know what is causing this, but after some time of playing, while I can do quick-save, I’m unable to make hard-save. I thought this was because of Steam Overlay, because it has dissapeared when I’ve turned it off. But recenty it reappeared after I’ve deleted (from within the game) some older saves. But again, after some time, problem dissapeared again.


6) Well if you rise relation with your companions to 2, they start to flirt you or show affection in other way – but beware – they are all bisexual, so they will flirt with you regardless of yours and their gender. ;P I have nothing against sexual minorities, I mind you. But every single companion? But I think those are mostly one-time events. I think also that companions inter-relations between themselves affects random dialogues between them.


8 ) At the begining it was a little bit difficult for me, but after I’ve learned, it is not so challenging (and our crew gain experience quite fast). For me, it quickly started to be boring and annoying, to be honest. I rather avoid sea combat if I can.

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