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In-battle character information window graphically bugged



This is quite a serious bug that has been here for a long time (still present in 3.0). If during battle one hovers over a character (friend or foe), a window appears which displays the stats and the current effects (beneficial or hostile). The problem comes from the fact that when the list of effects is long enough, and this happens quite a lot  given the nature of this game and its mechanics, this in-battle information window gets overlayed by the games HUD interface and becomes unreadable. The outcome should be reversed, the information window should be at the top level, with the HUD interface below. If this is not possible than a different solution should be adopted. I'm not an expert on this but a solution I've seen in other games is to make this information window fixed in size but make it clickable and with a scroll bar.


Below are some examples of this graphical bug.


For an ally:



For an enemy:


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Hey everyone,


Thank you for reporting this issue to us!  Fortunately this issue has already been reported to us, and as such, is already being worked on.  The fix has already been created and is currently in the testing phase to make sure it works and that it doesn't break anything else.  Keep an eye on future patch notes to see when this fix is implemented!


Thanks again, and sorry for the inconvenience this causes.

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