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Peculiar level scaling question. (how does upwards only / all scaling work in the files)

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I have a mod that increases the level scaling cap and also makes the level scaling more aggressive.


The aim of the mod is to increase the level scaling range and make it more aggressive by giving 1 additional level to enemies.


It works successfully for same level and for lower level characters, but the way the game files are set up I have issues giving enemies which already are higher level than the player an additional level.


This is the game's default level scaling system for normal enemies:




This is how my mod currently looks:



Notice how I removed the "downscaling" of enemies (I'm not interested in it, i want to make the game more challenging, not less), increased the range from 4 levels of difference to 8, and also increased the bonus levels by 1 for each line. This part of the mod is tested and it works fine.


However, you can see how this does not change higher level enemies than the player character at all.


Now I had an idea, but it's difficult to test whether it works or not because you can't change the scaling up only / everything setting during a game in progress, and getting to higher level enemies is difficult at the beginning. Maybe someone here knows how the files work and can give me an answer.


What if I keep one of the "downscaling" lines, extend it's range, and instead of giving negative levels it gives one bonus level?


This is what I'm talking about: (look at the top line)




Here my two questions:


1. Would this work in further increasing the level of already higher level enemies

2. Would I need to play with "all scaling" activated to have the game read the negative level arrays of the mod? Even if they actually increase enemy levels instead of decreasing it?




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