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I am a bit confused now. People still talk as if the old PoE 1 weapon damage type immunities - e.g. immunities to pierce, slash, or crush damage - exist, but I do not see them in the in-game "Cyclopedia." There I see zero enemies with weapon damage type immunities. Instead, I see stuff like "Immunity: Constitution Afflictions" and so on. So what am I missing? Are some enemies immune (or resistant) to some weapon damage types or not?

Also, under Defenses, I see stuff like "tShock: 00, Crush: 00." What in the world is this supposed to mean?

I am really confused...


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There are certain enemies that are immune to certain damage types. I can't speak for online beastiaries or the in game cyclopedia.


Hmm, I see several online posts about how the in-game bestiary is bugged.


How the heck do I know then if an enemy I face is immune? Do have to just assume from what was the case in PoE 1?


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If you dont want to mouseover before you engage or manually pause in combat you can have it autopause on extreme defense.. basically you will auto pause if you get a combat log entry of damage immunity.


Ah, ok; thanks! That can be a bit annoying if it spams the auto-pause constantly - but I suppose it won't spam if you change weapons ;)

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