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There is *definitely* set-up for the third game. There are a few constants in every ending that create a problem that kith are being forced to deal with, with no guarantee they can actually handle it, there are multiple points in the game that discuss and ask about how the cycle of souls work and what animancers are learning, and all of the aforementioned set up ties into one of the major themes/questions in both PoE I and II.


That said, Obsidian could probably end the series here if they wanted. Deadfire did a good job of making an ending that closed most of the threads and gave you an idea of what the future is, while still keeping it open enough that there is serious potential for a third game's story.


I'm hoping they make a solid (not stripped down) third game that follows up on all of this though. The stuff they brought up was a really cool follow up on the last game's ideas and offered some really cool possibilities for the next one.

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