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For those who don't want to watch the video:

Nothing to special here I guess the main point of the video is to showcase the offensive strength of upgraded Eld nary in action vs Ancient Fampyrs and also showing the items and talents I use.

Also some explanations how one would defeat BoW which is frost immune, a proof video for this might or might not follow before the release of pathfinder Kingmaker on 25th.

(sadly the same day SSS dlc comes out but I highly doubt I will play deadfire ofer Kingmaker.)


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It would be very helpful if you could edit your opening post and just add a few lines that give character (sub)class, if it's solo or not, difficulty and game version and stuff. For people like me who are using the search function to find builds. :)


Videos are great of course, but their contents can't be searched for. ;)

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Have they buffed that spell? Because i used it some months ago and it was pretty bad.

It is bad on multiclass (4 bounces) and amazing on singleclass (14 bounces)



So still not worth it on multi-class Chanters? What Invocations would you recommend then for a multi-class Chanter?

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