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1. Yes :)


2. Nope. Everything works basically. Fists are always a nice backup option though because they don't need to be enchanted and they bring their own proficiency. Whispers of the ENdless Paths can still be great since it applies Flames of Devotion to all targets and also Stunning Surge will stun all enemies if it hits with its AoE cone. Plenty of choices. Even a Morning Star + Body Blows (modal) + Force of/Efficient Anguish as no. 1 attack option is neat.   


3. Yes - especially when dual wielding (White Flames will proc twice - if you hit twice)


4. Totally depends. But in general I would pick Devil of Caroc Breastplate. It will give you +2 Mortification and +2 Zeal as well as some attack speed, a resistance to an affliction group as well as health regeneration. 

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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