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Changing party members in taverns makes them spawn outside of map + Trinket bug?



After the latest patch, I've ran into a couple things that I suspect could be bugs.


1. Whenever I change my party members inside an inn (tested both at The Wild Mare & Harbinger's Watch), some of them would spawn outside of the map, in the black, empty part. I can select them by clicking on their portraits, but they cannot move. As such, I'm unable to leave the inn since I can't "gather my party before venturing forth." The only way that I can leave is by dismissing those companions. I can change companions normally on my ship, but it's a pain to have to travel back to the ship every time I want to change my party composition.


2. This might not be a bug per se, but I've noticed that if I equip a companion with trinkets that I've obtained from BoW that are also classified as "Quest Items," these trinkets would be automatically unequipped & returned to the party stash whenever I dismiss that companion from the party. Trinkets that are not classified as Quest Items are unaffected by this behavior.


I hope you could look into these!

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Hello Ylee7n,


Thank you for bringing these issue to our attention!  Fortunately we've already got the team working on a fix for the first issue.  For the second, I'll see if there is anything that can be done about changing the status of quest items after they are no longer needed for the quest so that maybe they won't unequip from your party members.  If you discover anything else about these issues, please let us know as this thread will be used as a reference for the devs.


Thanks again, and sorry for the inconvenience these bugs are causing.

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