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[CLASS BUILD] Rygmrand's "Artist" (Soublade/Chanter)

Soul Blade Chanter Troubadour Beckoner Skald Cipher Grave Calling Soul Annihilation POTD Solo

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Sadly in 3.0 beta I was not able to cast Tenuos Grasp or Whispers of Treason on party members (to reflect with Mirror/Reflection and self-confuse for mass skelly kills and mass deadly fogs).


I thought this was always the case where you can't complete the action of casting those spells on party members without needing to be confused first.  Unless this was as a berserker? 



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So I misunderstood the suggestion to apply confused in a party. Obviously can't do it, unless the caster is confused himself.

But now that I think about it, a rogue's Sap could maybe work? Will have to check when I get there.

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