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What do y'all think of a Barb/Fury or Shifter?

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I think Barb is a bit wasted on a Fury since the ranged weapons won't work with Carnage. Except if you want to do a build with Deltro's Cage + helm and Lord Darryn's Voulge and go all storms + Carnage and skip Spiritshift.


Then I'd use a Berseker because you can shock yourself with your own Storms for Deltro's Helm - but you'd need immunity against MIG afflictions to not stun yourself all the time. Sadly you can't use Effigy's Resentment for immunity - but maybe there's another way. You could take a Coastal Aumaua and simply love with the Daze. You'll have +4 PEN but +2 from Frenzy and +1 from Fury. +1 from Heart of the Storm...


Or better: cast some other shocking spell like Dancing Bolts while confused to trigger the lash from the helmet and then get rid of confusion.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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The only thing that got "nerfed" is the +15 ACC from Lion's Sprint that was supposed to go away after the first attack after activation but stayed for the whole duration. I wouldn't call it a nerf but a bugfix.


It's still useful to safely land an AoE CC/nuke or something.


Dual wielding will be nerfed, that not a barb thing. If you pick the Voulge or the Lance of the Midwood Stag (both good options for a Barb/Fury) and don't use Spiritshift-Autoattacks that much you won't even notice it at all.


I'm still playing a Warlock atm (Barb/Wizard) and it's pretty good (especially crazy once you get Blood Thirst of course). I can imagine that Barb/Druid has similar synergies when it comes to nuking. Also as a Warlock your can't use the Voulge or the Lance to that extend (no bonus Power Levels).

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Verde, I'm considering a barb/fury as well based on the Fate Testerosa build. I posted some questions in that thread recently. Seems like some very cool synergies, and since I don't care for monks from a roleplaying perspective, I'm gonna give it a go. Like Boeroer said, Blood Thirst with nukes works great, and with all the Druid storm spells, I predict it could trigger a ton. I think it will be a fun combination of nuking power with solid melee for backup and cleanup duty. Just gotta take care of confused. +5 PL for electricy and +4 pen will be dirty methinks.

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