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Is it easy to modify a grimoire from a mod?

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There are mods that add new grimoires to the game. Is it possible to (easily) edit some files and choose which spells I have in these grimoires?


Edit: this mod, for example




Yes, you can found the spell list after "SpellsIDs":


e.g. in the mod you linked their GUID are in this bundle


		"$type": "Game.GameData.EquippableGameData, Assembly-CSharp",
		"DebugName": "Grimoire_Alamir",
		"ID": "d395910f-ce7f-4565-8652-86f9e7c26466",
		"Components": [{
			"$type": "Game.GameData.ItemComponent, Assembly-CSharp",
			"DisplayName": 99950,
			"DescriptionText": 1176,
			"FilterType": "Weapons",
			"InventoryAudioEventListID": "32023afc-c1c3-4b6a-bcfd-77bde56ee6c3",
			"IsQuestItem": "false",
			"IsIngredient": "false",
			"IsCurrency": "false",
			"IsAdventuringItem": "false",
			"CanSellForFullValue": "false",
			"MaxStackSize": 1,
			"NeverDropAsLoot": "false",
			"CanBePickpocketed": "true",
			"IsUnique": "true",
			"Value": 12000,
			"IconTextureSmall": "gui/icons/items/misc/grimoire01_s.png",
			"IconTextureLarge": "gui/icons/items/misc/grimoire01_l.png",
			"PencilSketchTexture": "",
			"InspectOnUseButton": [],
			"IsPlaceholder": "false"
			"$type": "Game.GameData.EquippableComponent, Assembly-CSharp",
			"EquipmentType": "None",
			"EquipmentSlot": "GrimoireOrTrinket",
			"AppearancePiece": {
				"ModelVisualDataPath": ""
			"ItemModsIDs": ["160e7192-e205-4b35-a28e-086b12e1835c"],
			"OnEquipVisualEffects": [],
			"RestrictedToClass": [{
				"ClassType": "Wizard"
			"RestrictedToPlayer": "false",
			"ProficientAbilityID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
			"CannotUnequip": "false",
			"ItemRendererPrefab": "prefabs/itemrenderers/genericanimateditemrenderer.prefab",
			"ItemModel": "art/character/weapons/grimoire/grimoire01/w_grimoire01_cast.fbx",
			"AnimationController": "art/animation/animationcontrollers/weapon/w_grimoire.controller",
			"PaperdollOverrideRenderer": "",
			"AttackSummonID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
			"CannotSheathe": "false",
			"PropVisualEffects": []
			"$type": "Game.GameData.GrimoireComponent, Assembly-CSharp",
			"NPCsAutomaticallyFill": "false",
			"SchoolID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
			"SpellsIDs": ["46d4d7c5-0af5-4f6e-93b0-483b04184951",
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Spells are generally restricted by class, right? I couldn't just put some druid spells in a grimoire and have a wizard be able to use them, I'd need to make copies of the spells without class restrictions and add those?

Yes, that should be the proper way to make it work.

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"CannotUnequip": "false",

I wish I knew how to mod this game, I'd like to make an editable grimoire that cannot be unequipped (for...balance...I guess? Or anybody complaining that you get all these spells as a wizard because you can just swap grimoires) I think the current system is ridiculous, impedes player choice and allowing us to simply edit which spells we want in our grimoire once, and giving up the ability to swap grimoires for this would not break the game or give wizards an unfair advantage.

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