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The current state of Spiritshifting: Ideas, reworks and more

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Yeah, you might be right @asnjas but we are not Obsidian and we dont have to reach specific sale numbers. As part of a huge modding community we are free to evolve a character - in this case the Shifter - into something we want him to be. :)


But why should a Bear or even a Dragon form not be a powerful melee combatant? I agree that the Mod pushes the limits very far making the Shifter a powerful fighter and a potent spell caster - thats why we started to tone him down in the last time while also offering several optional files so every player can decide on his own how big his powerlevel will be. There will always be people complaining about something but - hey - you dont have to play the mod. If the reworked Shifter does not suit your style: Pick something else and have fun with it. We on the other hand had tons of fun playing with the Ultimate Evolution (and Deadly Deadfire) as nearly every group fight was a walk on the knifes edge. However: Happy hunting! ;)

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