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Hey guys, 


So... I haven't done Beast of Winter yet (Minimal spoilers, please) and I also haven't done a lot of the late-game sidequests on my pro-Huana playthrough, just kind of wanted to experience the game for the first time. So I'm curious as to how deep the narrative experience goes with some of these quests and the interactions with different characters. Or, more specifically, does the plot become more rewarding if you actually try to roleplay a particular type of character? 


People have called the story 'weak' in other places and, as a fairly blank-slate Watcher, I can understand that. I'm kind of curious, though, about how things change if you actually try to play to your background/the faction you support. 

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I haven't done the late-game yet, but I can say something about BoW. My character is a shady/clever pirate that supports the Principi. Without giving spoilers, there were some moments when I got some reactivity for been clever or trying to manipulate others. However I wouldn't say that it is something big. Maybe other characters will have a different experience. Religious and pacifists Watchers will be rewarded for sure, which doesn't mean that this is the favorable or better way to play the expansion.


I'll explain it better here, but seeing this will spoil experiencing it for the first time:




- There was a moment when I mocked Rymrgand and he punished my character with an injury. Kind of stupid, but if fits my character perfectly. I didn't rest to remove it, I pretended that it was something that wouldn't be cured soon.

- With high religion or metaphysics (and maybe other skills) you can convince one boss to go fight another. It's another case that fitted my character, even though I missed a battle. If you play as a pacifist and religious Watcher you can probably do this too.

- Speaking of religious, a priest of Eothas will be interesting in BoW.

- You can also get some minor reactivity when dealing with how the inhabitants of the island see you.




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My first playthrough was also pro-Huana, a little bit by accident - my diplomatic (Shieldberer of St. Eclga, from Aedyr ;) ) hero tends to help mostly the "small-ones". And he thought that helping really local ruler, may be the right way to do so. Later on my hero (and I) have learned somewhat more about the castes system and some other... hmmm... things - to not spoil to much.... ;)  Anyway, I think that in general interactions with Her Majesty Onekaza are quite rewarding. She may be (I can't be sure, since I haven't tried other factions, or even so many side-quests) one of the best written characters.


And in general, this is obviously personal opinion, but from my standpoint it is always the best to really role-play our character - shouldn't this be a characteristic of RPG? ;) And while one can criticize writers of Deadfire, I would say that by the most part, both PoE are largely allowing players to be true to their characters. Is this rewarding? This depends what do you mean by this. Does it suppose to make things easier, harder, or what? ;)


I would say that in general, main-story is rather short, so don't be "hasty" ;) I think (again, personal opinion) the game is mostly about exploration and side-questing, and the main-story is there just to be... ;)


I would also say, that there is that mix of polynesian, colonial, and piracy theme highly present in the game, hence heros with fits this backround are propably more rewarding. But this dosn't mean of course, that "knigths on white horses" do not fits there totaly.


It is hard for me to give any other clue...


I hope you will keep to have fun. :)





As I said, main story felt short for me. I also had impression that it was even more weird than in the first game. But honestly, I wouldn't call it very deep, even if tries to be ;) .

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I think the faction quests only really care about certain conditions met like destroying something other than saving it and they don't really care if you do it in a shady way or in an explosive hulk-smash way as long as you meet their criteria though it certainly weighs in who will be the rival of who in the end.  There are some reactivity with dispositions from the faction leaders, but it's not going to stop them from giving you the next item on the agenda unless you whacked a few important NPCs or its the final quest for them.  

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I think if you play your character delibarate, you defintely have more fun with the games story. Deadfire is more about the small adventures you discover throughout the game, tied togwther by one theme: what can one person do to change the world?


At least that's what I took away from it, when I roleplayed my character (Dwarven Deathgodlike, Kind Wayfarer, angsty Mercenary Background since he was the only one that survived a big battle).


Enjoy the journey and post what you think :).

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I imagine the story can feel somewhat weak as a blank-slate watcher, since it means your character likely lacks personal beliefs/drive during his journey. Deadfire is excellent in reacting to a deliberately crafted character, but if your character lacks such characteristics and convictions there's little for the game to offer in reactivity and challenge to your character.


As Deadfire is an RPG, and an actual RPG rather than the watered-down version of most AAA companies nowadays, I personally see properly writing and rp-ing my watchers as a must for a good playthrough. Not that I didn't do the same for Skyrim/DA:I, but Deadfire offers far more opportunity to let your background and characteristics shine through than either of those, and does so very well in my opinion.

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