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Difference of importing game and create legacy/Set PoE1 Game Stats?

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Is there any difference from importing the pillars of eternity 1 game and customizing the pillars of eternity 1  game  through the "set poe1 game"  option in the menu to create a poe1 legacy?  i mean in terms of the impact of the decisions in the poe2 deadfire story.

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Very small things, whether an NPC is in a location (the doctor from the sanitarium is in the Soul Spire provided he lived, the leader of the Iron Flail is in the temple of Gaun if you let him live but I think that's available as an option in legacy creation IIRC) so all the broad strokes seemed to be available if you create a legacy instead of importing a game. That said, I've only played imported characters to completion so I may have overlooked something or not realized subtle changes. I had six or seven characters to import from and have like nine games in Deadfire so for the most part I've imported different characters and the differences between them were all fairly subtle. Of course, the legacy I created, one where I empowered Woedica (I always ended up not feeling like a character would want to do that by the time I got to the end of the game) is a character I just started and haven't really played past Port Maje so I'm really just speaking by the number of answers I gave in the creation of the legacy vs changes I noticed in the characters I have played to level 20.

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