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So I started wondering this while building my shifter druid, but it probably applies to all classes: Why bother with Outlander's Frenzy, when potions of power and DAoM exist? As far as I'm aware, none of these stack with each other. Is Outlander's +3 might really that significant considering it "costs" you a talent slot? Certainly not compared to DAoM, I would think...

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Outlander frenzy is longer to activate, costs a talent, lasts less, has higher penalties and its additional bonus don't stack with other spells.


Activation time and short duration are the most annoying, because it means that you're only going to save a couple of seconds over the duration, minus activation time which eventually is not much.


I prefer saving a talent and going potions for the couple of fights which really require them.


Plus cat druid comes with a 1/rest instant speed up.


If you prefer another shift, I would consider going the Gambiso armor with 1/Rest DAoM. When shifting, all your items are negated, so items that provide a lasting buff are excellemt for such builds.

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